Top 10 Best Facial Kits [2018] Review


The first thing everyone looks in a person is their face, so it’s important that you take care of it with extra effort to keep it healthy, attractive, bright and for the glowing appearance. According to a recent survey in the US, 90 % of the people go for beauty parlor & saloons for maintaining their face from the present economic pollution and other activities that can affect your skin.

Why Facial Kits?

In the midst of the highly advanced technological world, no one has time for the parlors and saloons.

But it’s mandatory that you maintain your face healthy too, so in this case, you can try out some of the best facial kits, as this will help in enhancing the beauty and will provide a glowing appearance to your skin.

Top 10 Best Facial Kits

Today in our article we will check some of the best facial kits that you can try at your home, all these facial kits are listed here after the deep analysis, research and the testing. Apart from the personal check, our team has also consulted, discussed these various facial kits with professionals, dermatologist, beauticians, etc. and then selected the list that is given below.

Professional Insta Glow Facial Kit from VLCC

VLCC, a popular manufacturer who are famous for their beauty products, has introduced this instant glow facial kit for the users who find tough time to go for parlor and saloon and this ranks first in our best picks of facial kits.

The instant glow facial kit has been specially prepared based on the old ayurvedic products and has been developed before the latest scientific and technological production techniques. The instant glow facial kit contains five different sachets namely Saffron Massage Gel, Indian berberry face scrub, Insta Glow facial pack, Revital, and Snigdha face cream.

Sachets Included

Let’s check out the direction of use for the five different sachets below.

Saffron Massage Gel: Use your fingertips and massage gently for about eight to ten minutes in a circular and upward motion until the skin absorbs the gel.

Berberry Face Scrub: Choose the cleanser that suits your skin and cleans the face, now take required quantity of scrub and apply evenly to your skin completely, rest it for few minutes and then gently massage with your hands and then wipe off your face with a moist cotton.

Insta Glow Facial Pack: Take a few drops of VLCC Revital and mic with the insta flow face pack and then apply evenly on the skin and let it rest for five to ten minutes, now gently massage with the fingertips, rinse off and then pat it dry.

Snigdha Face Cream: Cleanse out your skin and apply the cream evenly on your face all over it. Now massage gently in a circular and upward stroke for about five to ten minutes and then wipe off the excess cream from your face.

Direction of Use

You could use the face scrub for about two facials, and other sachets also can be used for two facial uses. The scrub is made from date extract and papaya seed and therefore best in cleaning the skin by removing the blackheads and other minute skin issues reliably.

After the scrub, you need to use the saffron massage gel to apply the brighter look to your skin. Followed by the gel, you need to use the Snigdha face cream, but it’s good if you take steam, this will help in removing blackheads from your face completely. This will make your skin feel relaxed and cool.

Insta glow face pack is white and sticky; you need to add revital solution with this for adding the texture, now evenly apply on your face as it spreads easily on your skin.

Skin Radiance Youth Facial Kit from Shahnaz Husain

The facial kit that is composed of the gold mask, gel, scrub, moisturizing cream, etc. from the popular beauty manufacturer Shahnaz Husain is developed with advanced specialties and ingredients that would help in rejuvenating the skin and also provide a golden and youthful glow.

Sachets included

The 24 carat gold plus comes with an exfoliating scrub that is specially reinforced with the 24 carat gold leaf and organic ingredients for the advanced exfoliation, this promoted the cell renewal and sloughed off all the slow dead cells from your skin. The scrub is indulged with orange peel, carrot seed, rose, aloe vera, vitamin E, honey, etc. to remove the dead skin and provide a bright looking appearance.

Also enriched with the enzymes and antioxidants, this helps in rejuvenating the skin and also brightens and purifies the skin, you will experience a smooth and translucent skin after the scrub.

After the scrub you need to apply the skin radiance gel for the ageless appearance, this indulges the 24 carats pure gold for the brighter and naturally glowing skin, this contains the softest metals, and therefore skin will absorb it rapidly and provide a youth look to the face.

Then comes the moisturizing cream plus that is prepared specially for the improved skin texture, this involves the olive oil, honey, aloe vera, carrot seed and vitamin E. Ensures you with the soft skin, skin texture and vibrant glowing face without any doubt.

After the cream, it’s time for the mask for adding more beauty to your skin. This mask involves the pure 24 carat gold, and this helps in long lasting, bright and rejuvenated glow.

Direction of Use:

The first step is to cleanse your skin with the gold scrub on your face and neck in an upward and circular movements, after 5 to 10 minutes you need to wipe off with a cotton wool, now apply the moisturizing cream to your face, massage smoothly and then apply the gold gel until it gets absorbed by skin. Once you have applied the gold mask wipe off with the cotton after 20 minutes, make sure you are not using it around your lips and eyes.

Papaya Facial Kit Pigmentation from Nature’s Essence

The papaya facial kit from the popular beauty products manufacturer has developed this product with four types of sachets namely papaya milk cleansing cream, papaya cream anti blemish cream, papaya exfoliating scrub and papaya di-pigmentation pack. This ranks third in our best picks of facial kits.

Sachets involved and Directions of use

The first step is to cleanse, make use of the papaya milk cleansing cream for it; this will cleanse and remove the dead cell from your face and provide the fresh and brighter look. Using this cleansing cream is simple.

Gently massage the cleansing cream for about 3 to 5 minutes in a circular direction, this will neither look thick nor watery, the cream that is in yellow color cleans the dirt from face, and then the exfoliation process starts.

The next step is to make use of the papaya exfoliating scrub; it contains the dried pulp which helps to get rid of the dead cells and improve the skin extraction by enhancing the cell stimulation. You need to apply this scrub over your skin and gently massage in a circular motion for 5 to 7 minutes.

This scrub is a gel based one and is transparent in nature; there are small beads in red color for the exfoliation process. The next step is to make use of blemishing cream, this will lighten the pigmentation patches, blemishes, and dark circles. The enzymes and antioxidants in the cream will provide the peeling action and will enhance the natural complexion to your face.

Using the cream is simple, you need to just massage gently over your face in a circular motion and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes, and now clean with a cotton cloth. The cream is yellow in color and thick in consistency. It’s good if you use these with the ice water, best for lightening the blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

The last step is to apply the pigmentation pack for getting a glowing brighter skin, this consist of bleaching ingredients to provide the complexion, effective in removing the dead epithelial cells and get rid of dark complexion, dark patches, and blemishes.

Radiant Pearl Lightening Facial Kit from Lotus

The facial kit from LOTUS has multiple techniques that are based on the present trend and are preferred by most of the users for performing these facial at their home. This ranks fourth in our best picks of facial kits.

Sachets Involved

The pack indulges three plastic tubes and a glass jar; you can find how to use explained in the box, this is one of the best facial kits that can be used at your home. The natural ingredients involved in this facial kit are green tea extract, licorice extract, and pearl dust

Direction of Use

The first step is to use the radiant pearl cleanser for exfoliation; this is a single product and creamy in nature. The fine scrub granules are best, and there are no chances for hurting your skin, sloughs off all the dead cells from your skin, removes the blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

Now make use of the radiant pearl activator, this is used to provide the instant brighter glow to your skin, this is similar to a liquid gel and best for treating acne, pimples, etc. best in closing the pores and providing the instant lightening effect.

Now with the help of the radiant pearl massage cream you need to massage your skin for about 15 minutes this will increase the blood circulation and make your face healthy and glow at any cause.

The next step is the facial mask, this is creamy in texture, and you need to apply this mask directly on your face without adding any water to it.

Pat, it dries for about 10 minutes and then rinses off using normal water, this will help in removing the excess oil from your skin and will provide the radiance and bright skin and best for all skin type.

Diamond Facial Kit from VLCC

Most preferable and best facial kit in the present market now is the VLCC diamond facial kit, there are thousands of positive feedbacks for this particular product from the customers, and this ranks fifth in our best facial kits.

Why VLCC Diamond Facial Kit?

VLCC diamond facial kit helps in reducing the acne, pimples, wrinkles, fine lines and also rejuvenates the skin and make it glowing and youthful. This facial helps in polishing and brightening the skin. This will assist you in fighting against pollution and other harmful skin activities.

Sachets Involved and Direction of Use

The process involved indulges with VLCC Diamond scrub, detox lotion, massage gel and face mask. The first step is the cleaning and scrubbing, the Diamond scrub contains Ayurveda ingredients for the deep exfoliation of dead cells and getting rid of dirt from the skin.

By improving the blood circulation, you can achieve the soft, supple and radiant, glowing skin. Just cleanse the face with the cleansing milk and take a required quantity of VLCC Diamond scrub over your face and massage it in circular and upward movements for 10 minutes and wipe off with wet cotton.

The next step involved is to make use of the detox lotion, this will rejuvenate, refresh and detoxify your skin, and also maintain healthy skin long lasting. The lotion is light and can be easily absorbed by skin and them form the protective outsource over your skin.

Take the required amount of detox lotion and apply evenly all over your face and neck and massage it gently over your face until the skin absorbs the lotion. Now you need to take the massaging gel and apply it over your face for 20 minutes and then wipe it off with the damp cloth, this gel enriched with aloe vera and diamond bhasma will fight against the dead, ageless skin and provides the elasticity and intense moisturization.

The next step is to apply the wash off the mask to your face; the mask contains natural ingredients like Orange Peel Extract, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Pullulan, Diamond Oxide (Diamond Bhasma) and Silicon Blend. This will clean the skin and reveal the youthful, original and glowing appearance to your skin.

Pro Vitamin C Facial Kit from Aroma Magic

One of the light facial kits from Aroma magic that helps in removing tan, building collagen, renders, adding shine, glowing, refreshing look, toned and firm to your skin ranks sixth in our best facial kits. This exfoliates deeply into the skin and then help in promoting cell regeneration.

Sachets indulged and How to use

The facial kit indulges Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic pro facial vitamin c Cleanser, Exfoliating gel, concentrate, massage gel and vitamin C mask. Each of them needs to be used step by step for the effective and glowing appearance, each of the steps needed to be repeated carefully.

First gently apply the cream or gel to your skin and massage it gently for about 5 to 10 minutes and pat it dry.

Clean it with the damp cloth and go for the next process, the last step will indulge the facial mask that will help in providing the glamorous, fine, healthy and youthful radiance.

Best to use at your home and that too at your leisure time, the amount of collagen gets increased by using the facial mask regularly and promotes cell regenerations.

Fruit Facial Kit for Skin Rejuvenation from Jovees

A best Facial kit for removing the excess oil from your face and provides an instant glow to your face with the help of this jovees fruit facial kit and this ranks seventh in our best facial kits.

Sachets involved and Direction of Use

The fruit facial pack includes apple, apricot, peach, vitamin E, etc. these fruits will let your balance your PH level of skin, reduces the anti-aging look, help in retaining the significant and excess amount of antioxidants and vitamin, also help in hydration of epidermis and enhances the skin moisturizing.

The antibacterial agents help in cleaning your skin and nourish the skin by treating with restorative plants and fruits, the cleaner that involves the blackberry and citrus helps in deep cleaning and also disperse the lighter skin and also maintains the PH level perfectly.

The scrub that involves the almond and honey will provide the healthy breathing skin and moisturizes for keeping your skin healthy, fresh and glow. The next step is to apply the massage cream that indulges pineapple and papaya; this will improve the cell regeneration and remove the dead epithelial cells.

The toning gel that has the basil and witch hazel will help in closing the pores, tone and tighten the skin to leave a healthy and brighter, clearer skin.

Skin Serum Brightening Facial Kit from Oxyglow

The famous manufacturer of beauty products has cherished thousands of medals for their highly entertaining products, this facial kit that is best to use at your home ranks eighth in our best facial kits.

Kesar helps in brightening your skin and enhances the complexion to your skin; this is best for dry skin. Reduces acne, dark circles under eye and pimple effectively.

Sachets involved and Direction of Use

This contains the skin serum, which will help in regeneration of cell and stimulates the effective, healthy and glowing skin.

You need to apply this face mask gently and massage it over your face in the circular and upward motion for about 5 to 10 minutes, let it pat dry and then wipe your skin with the damp cloth.

The ingredients involved help in enhancing your skin completely and provide a fresh, healthy and attractive glowing look to your skin. The price of the product is affordable and is one of the best facial kits to use at your home.

Skin Polishing Diamond Facial Kit from Biotique

A well-developed manufacturer who is famous for their high-grade quality beauty products has developed this diamond facial kit especially for the ones who has no time for saloons and parlors, and this ranks ninth in our best picks of facial kits.

Sachets involved and Direction of Use

The product indulges with a face scrub, massage gel, face mask, face scream and dark spot corrector. All of the gel, cream and solution need to be used efficiently, before starting to cleanse and steam your face, for the effective results.

This diamond facial kit is especially for skin polishing and brightening; this will ensure a bright, healthy and glowing appearance to your skin, applying this facial mask is simple. You need to start with the face scrub and then end with dark spot corrector, the only step in every gel involves cleansing, massaging gently for about 10 to 15 minutes, pat it dry and then wipe it off with the damp cloth.

Similarly, you need to do it for the mask too, after completing the mask, make sure you make use of the dark spot corrector to remove the unwanted dark spots and other minute issues easily.

Gold Instant Glow Facial Kit from Joy

A recently developing manufacturer but still a winner of many customers has developed this product with multiple techniques for providing the brighter look for your skin; this ranks tenth in out best facial kits.

Sachets involved and Direction of Use

The manufacturer has indulged a facial kit that helps in absorbing the dryness, oil or any other dead cells from the skin and provide you with the healthy and glowing skin.

The face mask includes ingredients that are best for providing the instant glow to your face; this will enhance using cleansing, massaging and rinsing off. Before cleansing makes sure you steam up your face for the effective results.

Cleanse the face with cleansing gel, massage it gently over your face in a circular and upward direction for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe it off with the wet cloth, lastly, add the facial mask for the glowing appearance.

The price of the product is less when compared to other facial kit and best for the ones who has no time for beauty parlor and saloons.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above facial kits helped you to know in detail about the best one and how you should choose a one based on your skin type.

What type of facial kit do you use for your skin for the glowing and visualizing appearance? Your thoughts and idea on the facial kit are welcome.